Job Shadowing

What did you learn your presentation? I learned that I didn’t want to be a police officer.

How well did you think you did on your presentation? I think i did alright,  I didn’t practice and looked at the board too much.

What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation? Make sure to practice it. I look at the board too much.

What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation? I should’ve put the career I job shadowed.

I wish I would have practiced presenting.

If i could present again i would look at the board less.

Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I still got a 93%

Black History Month

Hello my friends, and welcome to my blog. Jackie Robinson inspires me a lot. He is someone who is very inspirational. He was born in Georgia on January 31st, 1919. He became the first African american baseball player. He played for the LA Dodgers. It was a tough time when he became a player. Racism was still high and he was always verbally abused. He was able to overcome that and become one of the greatest players ever. He inspires me to do anything I want. He shows courage and bravery. He did what he wanted to, and didn’t stop because of the hate. I am like that, and hope to achieve what i want and won’t care what people will say. He also had a movie made about him and what he went through when he was a baseball player and trying to make it to the league.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day is always the 2nd Monday of January. MLK is such an inspirational person.  He indeed does deserve this holiday. MLK was born on January 15th, 1929.  At the age of 15 he went to college and graduated when he was 19. He was a very very smart kid for his age. King started his beliefs at the young age of 17. He had written a paper that was published by the Atlanta Constitution stating that black people are,”entitled to the basic rights and opportunities of American Citizens”. AT the age of 19 he had already become a pastors assistant in his church.  He got married in 1953 to his wife Corretta Scott. In 1956 King had received a threat and his house was bombed. A angry group ready to go after whoever did the bombing was outside King’s house but King was pleading for Non-violence. He was all about pro-testing without violence. Violence was never the answer for him. The way he protested is the way people should today. King held lots of protest without violence. His holiday is something that should never go away. He helped so many people in the time he was alive.

Social Issue

My social issue is about Gang Violence in Chicago, and how we can stop from people dying. It is a huge issue that not many things have been done about. The past 5 years at least 300+ people have died in Chicago each year. I don’t think many people disagree with trying to get rid of the violence in Chicago.  The only way i’d see people disagreeing would be people who don’t want good in this world. I think there is plenty of ways to get rid of violence and lower the murder rate. There is many solutions to this problem. The mayor and people like that can give more money to schools. Help open up new rec centers or even help bring back anti-violence groups. Another way is to add more trauma centers on the south side. There is only one and wont open until later this year. Giving the teachers a pay rise, so they don’t go on strike, schools don’t close down, and kids won’t lose that time not learning. The pros to all of these is that these can easily down the rate of murders. The trauma centers are very far from the south side, and time is everything. If they open a few on the south side, many lives can be saved. More schools being open can decrease the amount of kids and teens on the street. Opening up more rec centers and have more after school activities can easily keep kids off the streets. The cons are, this would cost a lot of money. And the trauma centers would lose money. It is all about the money when it comes to this.

What do you think the people can do?

What can people with lots of power and money do?


This play-doh art says EMO. This art actually means something to me. At a time last year i was going through a rough time and to make myself laugh, i would say i was emo. It ended up sticking to me even after i got through that time. Now a lot of people i know also call me that. It was basically something i was able to say so i could laugh and not care about what was happening. People would always call me that and i guess it would make me laugh. At a point in time this is what almost all my friends would call me. I also did see other peoples art and thought it could relate to me. Like someone made a basketball. I love playing basketball by myself or with some friends. Basketball helps me forget about anything and i can get better while playing. My son Marcos made headphones. Headphones are something i probably couldn’t live without. Music honestly helped so much when i was going through that rough time. I was able to block stuff out by listening to music. It was therapy to me. Someone also made a soccer ball and cleats. I have always loved soccer and loved playing it. I would always and still do watch any soccer game i can. I love that sport. It was something i have loved my whole life. These play doh sculptures were pretty good by everyone. It was their story in art. I liked this activity. 


I chose these words because they describe me. I have lots of sauce and clout. I like sports and shoes. I myself am a unique person because there is no one else like me in this world. My friends always tell me i am nice and caring. They also tell me that i am tall, but that is  probably because they are short.